Love Songs to the Divine

The Wave

Maynard Evans
Writer, Arranger, Co-performer



Unanswered questions and unresolved pain…Unfulfilled desires and unneeded strain

To find what?

The nature of man is to strive and seek…The nature of creation is to give and to be

Balance is needed to walk the fine line

And go where?

What are we really wanting….what do we really need?

How do we know in the midst of the drama

What is this all really for

Is there someone who will tell us…..and then we’ll really know

Is that how we find the answer to the cosmic mystery show?

Where will we go when there’s no one left to ask

Alone in our final moments

The only place there ever was

The deep silent well of our own existence.

There we fully know what we are and why we came here

And once we know the truth of our selves

It can never be taken from us.


For we are waves in an endless ocean

 You are a wave in the sea of love

And we cannot separate the ties… with which creation binds us


But when the tiny wavelets that we are…come together with a love & common purpose

We become a wave of greater motion

Breaking upon the shore


The shore of man’s reality ….is a hard and stubborn bulwark

Tempered by pain and suffering….and afraid of losing ground


But the breaking of our wave of love…will slowly ease the edges

And as the wave recedes again……into the source, the mighty ocean


It takes some sand…some rolling stones…fragments of the once hard ground

the remains of stubborn resistance…….And returns to break again


Over time the mighty fortress of that which seemed so strong

Will succumb to the lull of the endless waves ….of love and understanding

 And in the end the shore becomes the sea …..and the waves go on forever


Moving silently….In a sea of never ending love                  Beyond eternity