I have been playing and writing music for over 40 years. In my life's journey I have come to realize that the act of loving each other as human beings and souls contains the answer to healing wounded hearts and misunderstood communications as well as every other disturbance of the human experience. Love can be a powerful passionate force turned to romantic avenues or it can be expressed in simple acts of compassion, caring, forgiveness, patient listening, acceptance etc. I trust that if followed deeply enough, Love can find a way to heal even the most cynical,and seemingly hateful consciousness. It just takes persistance, patience and the willingness to keep looking to see the wound that stimulates the anger, hate, reactionism etc.

It is my dream to find an avenue to perform music that reminds us all of this reality and brings us back to a willingness to love each other enough to heal the suffering in this world. To this end I have committed my music and songwriting abilities.

I have associated myself musically to this theme: LOVE IS THE WAY.